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autoLock AV3 espagnolette - the perfect solution for active people!

More than once, leaving the house in a hurry, we wondered if we had really closed the front door. From now on, everyone who decides to use the Awilux door with an automatic espagnolette will have the problem solved.

How does autoLock AV3 work?

After leaving the house, the slammed door behind us locks automatically and no unauthorized person can get inside during the absence of the householders. Thanks to the massive keyless hook bolt, the door will be locked until we return.

AutoLock AV3 is a espagnolette with an automatic locking function and characteristic double bolts, in which a massive hook bolt and an integrated sealing element operate independently of each other. The new bolt element ensures the optimal pressure of the sash to the frame in every situation. Two bolts are activated when the door is closed by a magnetic release located on the frame. A door locked in this way is completely sufficient protection and does not require the use of a key. Apart from comfort and safety, they provide the residents of the house with peace of mind.

AutoLock AV3 is in the frame part equipped with the so-called. magnetic trigger that automatically activates the bolts. The bolts are two-part: the sealing element ensures optimal pressure and tightness, and the massive hook bolt - a high level of safety. In addition, the lock can be equipped with a convenient function of switching to day mode with one touch. An electric drive version of the lock is available as an option.

What is day mode?

A convenience in everyday life, ideal for families whose members are very active and often go out and home during the day. Thanks to the "one Touch" day mode, the door can be opened from the outside without a key. In this case, the day mode in the new espagnolette is an extremely valuable solution, allowing you not to worry about where we left the keys. Thanks to the inconspicuous blue element, going out and coming home is pure pleasure.

BlueMatic EAV3 is an additional comfort for people who value state-of-the-art solutions. Our house can be opened with a key or radio remote control, through a fingerprint reader, transponder or Bluetooth. In short: safety, comfort and freedom of choice for the modern user.

What else does the autoLock AV3 offer?

Less heat loss at home in the autumn and winter. Additional sealing elements allow you to enjoy a well-seated and stable door for a long time without gusts of cold while heating the house.

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