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The current trends in interior design and the willingness to be open to the surroundings have made sliding doors increasingly attractive. Sliding patio doors, popularly known as sliders, make it possible to create a smooth transition between the interior of the house and the terrace or garden. They are perfect for large rooms, but also in those where every square meter matters.

Advantage No 1- no threshold.

In sliding systems, the threshold is embedded in the floor. Its elevation above its level is only a few millimeters, thanks to which, after sliding the door open, we get an almost smooth transition between two surfaces.

Advantage No 2- style.

Large glazing is an attribute of modern homes. Therefore, more and more often we meet real estate whose owners have put in large windows or patio doors. The possibility of hiding all the mechanisms and extremely narrow profiles make it possible to obtain the effect of a glass wall that can be opened at any time. Greater exposure to natural light also means brighter and visually more spacious rooms.

Advantage No 3- technology and safety.

The aesthetic value of sliding doors is of course their greatest advantage. However, the undeniable advantage of sliding doors is also advanced technological solutions. Sliding doors ensure quick and comfortable operation. These solutions can also be equipped with anti-burglary fittings.

Advantage No 4- size.

Sliding doors offer almost unlimited possibilities when designing open architecture saturated with light. Despite their huge size, sliding doors require almost no additional space to be fully opened. This is a huge advantage and makes it easier to arrange the interior. When deciding to buy sliding doors, it is worth taking advantage of the offer and advice of experienced companies. The maximum width of a PVC sliding window is 6.5 meters!

Advantage No 5- home modernization.

Investors more and more often decide to choose sliding doors when renovating old buildings. Large glazing gives the facilities a more modern character.

Advantage No 6- better view.

Building a dream house is preceded by choosing the perfect plot. Often, investors decide to buy land open to a forest or lake. Because of this, sliding doors are a solution that more and more people are choosing as it is worth being able to admire the beautiful view year-round. The use of sliding doors allows you to admire these views at any time by emphasizing the advantages of the surroundings and by seemingly allowing the outside in.

Choosing a patio sliding door is not an easy or quick decision, however. First of all, you should pay attention to the detail specification of individual models in order to focus only on those that meet your needs from the wide range available. The combination of all these attributes will allow the installation of joinery, which has many advantages. The sliding doors available from Awilux guarantee not only beautiful views, but also high-quality workmanship, warmth, and safety.

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