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The outdoor blind combines high-quality workmanship, excellent isolation parameters and a modern design. It allows you to adjust the amount of light entering the interior, which is not always possible with external and internal roller shutters. It is a technologically advanced alternative for them, being a very functional and elegant solution for residential and public buildings.

Sunlight under control

The outdoors blinds is a solution that allows you to freely control the amount of light entering the interior. Changing the angle of the lamellas allows us to control its intensity in the room. We offer two types of facade blinds: C and Z in two widths of lamellas: 80mm and 90mm. The Z-type outdoors blinds, thanks to a special seal installed, can completely darken the room, which is extremely convenient in a bedroom from the east or south side.

Convenient controls

There are two types of control systems to choose from - manual or electric. The blind can be connected to the Tahoma smart building management system. This means that you can easily control the blinds even when you are away from home, using your smartphone or tablet. A properly loaded scenario also causes the blinds to drop spontaneously if the light intensity exceeds a certain level - this is an extremely useful solution both at home and in a company building, where large glazing and sunlight can cause discomfort to employees. In emergency situations, for example during unforeseen breakdowns or strong winds, the blind can also be remotely controlled, which ensures greater safety.

Modern design

Windows, and with them roller shutters and external blinds, are a very visible element of the facade and a well-chosen one can become a captivating dominant for the building and add character to the entire investment. Outdoors blinds are perfect for modern houses, apartments and multi-family buildings. Their elegant structure in contrast to the uniform surface of the wall attracts attention, creating a clear combination. Type C is universal, and due to the neutral shape of the lamellas, it works well in residential and office buildings. On the other hand, the tilting bar in Z-type blinds is more dynamic in nature, thanks to the geometric breaks. Both series are available in five different colors: from white, through various shades of gray, to classic black. Additionally, it is possible to choose different shades for the structure and lamellas.

Protection against external factors

Good thermal insulation reduces heat loss in the building and is one of the basic features of energy-efficient construction. It translates directly into savings related to lower heating bills. Outdoors blinds will help us keep the heat inside the building and thus maintain the right temperature. Additionally, they will protect our windows against external factors. In turn, on warm days, the blind will prevent the room from overheating, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere in the house.

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