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Children Safety Package AwiKids

AWI Kids children's package

In buildings where children are present, safety becomes paramount. Children's curiosity to explore the world has no limits, so adults must pay special attention to whether all dangers in the home, kindergarten or school have been removed and the building is child-friendly.

We have created a window to ensure absolute safety for children. How did we do it? Changing the order in which the window is opened (tilted first) is an effective protection for children against an accident. In the special version of activPilot Tilt First fittings (tilt before opening), the rotation
of the handle tilts the leaf, and than after turning the handle vertically, the full opening function of the window is activated.

An additional security is a special handle blocked with a patent insert with a key. According to this solution, you can open the window only after
turning the key.

We also recommend laminated glass to the AWI Kids package. Thanks to a special coating, the glass does not break during impact, but creates radial cracks, not posing a threat to small household members.

Windows with the AWI Kids solution are recommended for schools and kindergartens, hotels as well as single- and multi-family houses. The solution
is available in the newest Schüco LivIng package, CT 70 and AWS 75 and AWS 90 SI + aluminum windows.

Our product was awarded in the 2016 Carpentry VIP competition.

You can choose the following handles for AwiKids windows:

Handle FKS TBT 1005A 7/37: white, brown, RAL 8022, RAL 9001, F1, F3, F4, F9
Handle Hoppe KvD: F1, F4, F9

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