Choosing windows for your home isn’t just about protecting it from the elements.

The goal is also to maintain the harmony and complement the design of your dwelling.

We’ve made six stylish options available to you, so you are free to choose what type of atmosphere to create in your home and so that your windows represent true furnishing decisions.

Harmony, protection and design:
A truly stylish combination, that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics!


"Everyone knows that something is impossible, until someday somebody unaware comes along and invents it."
Albert Einstein 

Imagine your home, flooded with light and without any imperfections whatsoever. Think of smooth surfaces that reflect the outside world, as though in a painting, while inside your life moves to the rhythm of music. Imagination and creativity should always be the helm and compass for human actions and it was in this frame of mind that we invented the “78 Flat”, realizing that it was simply the natural fruit of all our experience. 

Elegance and innovation place the COMPLANARE “Flat” style at the top of the EuroStar Fenestration range. This style has concealed hardware, flush profiles and incredibly slender sashes to allow unlimited light and minimum encumbrance. Its standard depth is 78mm, which allows maximum performance in terms of sound reduction and thermal insulation. 

The COMPLANARE is available in TL (All Wood), LA (Aluminum clad) and LV (Glass Clad), the latest in the series. 

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QUADRA style

"Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?"
A. Tennyson 

 To the Australian Aboriginals a dream is the essence of creation. We’ve created the “Quadra” style exactly as we dreamed it. It’s a style for a window that faces out towards the future. Our “Quadra” window establishes new standards in beauty by hinting at a chic minimal design that strips each aspect of the home to its essentials in order to convey freedom and wellbeing. We dreamed it up to be a finishing masterpiece in your home and built it with the solidity typical of EuroStar Fenestration.

The "Quadra" style is available in three depths: 58mm, 68mm or 78mm and on the models GA (standard glazed silver aluminum drip bar and central pillar); LA, aluminum clad; LA PLUS (depth of only 68mm), a CasaClima certified model that limits heat loss and saves energy.

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"In the confusion we stay with each other, happy to be together, speaking without uttering a single word."
Walt Whitman 

The “Ottocento” style was inspired by the enchantment of Paris, whose classic and elegant style make it the world’s most romantic city. Made entirely from wood, this style holds and emits warmth. The soundproofing performance of Eurostar Fenestration ensures that you can look out upon the most beautiful cities in the world from the quiet of your home and with the people you love. Our casings are objects of interior design that mirror your style in your home. “Ottocento” has been designed to tell stories of elegance and class. 
The "Ottocento" style is available in three depths: 58mm, 68mm and 78mm, and on the most classical model TL (All Wood). The TL has a wooden drip and a central astragal.

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"Beauty does not make revolutions, but there will come a time when revolutions will need beauty."
Albert Camus 


A tribute to the city of London, to the quest for beauty and to dandyism. The "Novecento" style pays homage to the healthy degree of narcissism we rediscover when furnishing the environments in which we live. "Novecento" is the style that best combines sophistication with dynamism. We could talk about class, but it’s more correct to talk about pleasure. The “Novecento” frame is complex and refined, making it the solution for every aesthete, or for anyone who loves the beauty and harmony of form."Novecento" has been conceived for the pleasure of those who are only happy with the very best. 
The "Novecento" style is available in four depths: 58mm, 68mm, 78mm and 98mm, and on the most classical model the TL (all wood drip). The TL has a wooden drip and a central astragal.

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TONDA style

"You take delight not in a city’s seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to one of your questions."
Italo Calvino 


A metropolis is an extraordinary symphony from which you can’t escape. You have to move in time with its passions, letting its notes flow through you until you can no longer do without it. Allowing this flow, the essence of balance, is the foundational concept of the “Tonda” style. Everything flows easily when you surround yourself with the things you love. Your home becomes a nest for renewing your energies and for living out the symphony of all great cities in the rhythm you love most. 
The "Tonda" style is available in three depths: 58mm, 68mm and 78mm, and on the GA model. The standard glazed silver aluminum drip is combined with visible hardware to give it a designer look. The central pillar lends perfect symmetry to the window between the two frames.

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“True love is a lit window on a dark night. True love is a quiet flame.” 
Giuseppe Ungaretti 


Who says that love isn’t perfect? Our love for the “Italica” style is an idyll written to last, a love story that unfolds among the Tuscan hills, made up of the colors of autumn and scents of spring. The poetry of an old farmhouse in Tuscany or of a balcony that faces the Ponte Vecchio in Florence are fragments of the images that blend with the “Italica” style, a perfect example of the passion we put into creating windows with a soul. Conceived to fully represent the spirit of top Italian craftsmanship, the “Italica” window is built to meet the highest company standards in providing optimal security and performance. 
The "Italica" style comes in all depths, 58mm, 68mm, and 78mm, and on any model, ranging from the most classical TL all wood drip (availabe also 98mm depth), to the modern and robust LA with aluminum coating. You can also choose the GA with aluminum dripversion to give your windows an original touch.
Finally, the “Italica" style is also available on the LA Plus CasaClima certified model that limits heat loss and saves energy (only available in 68mm depth). 

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