Specialty Windows


Thanks to extraordinary flexibility in the productive process, we can create Circle Top, trapezoids, Portholes and Sliding windows, to bring your home to life using harmonious lines without compromising the unique characteristics of the window models you choose.

Thanks to extraordinary flexibility our production processes we can construct all sorts of windows in various shapes and sizes.

Our arches and portholes fit harmoniously with the window models chosen for your home as they have the same unique characteristics.

Our sliding window solutions can meet any requirement, both in functionality and aesthetics.

We offer windows or glass doors with one or more sliding sashes. To open them, one sash slides horizontally to overlap the other, remaining on its own plane. The frame is built on three sides.

This solution offers a great effect for large openings. It is created with depths of 68mm or 78mm, and is also available as an internal wall model. The new certified thermal sill keeps out air, water and wind to completely satisfy your desire for energy savings and comfort of living.

Its 2.5mm height occupies minimal space to practically eliminate structural barriers.

A revolution in sliding doors and windows

The latest addition to the Lift & Slide Door Systems at Eurostar features the new Planus sliding system, means that even a child is now able to maneuver heavy sliding doors and windows with weights of up to 400kg. 
Top of the range

- Easy to open with minimal force

- Concealed micro-ventilation

- Substantial energy savings

- Complete absence of structural barriers

- Exclusive design

- Ultimate anti-burglary security

Bifold doors

The bifolding system is the most elegant way to connect internal living spaces to the outdoors given that the open sashes fold away to occupy the minimum possible space. 

The bifolding sashes can be maneuvered with extraordinary ease: the four-roller sliding block is very convenient and an elegant appearance is ensured by the reduced depth of the slide track. 

The upper rails are concealed by the track cover. 

Horizontal pivot

These are windows or doors that open by rotating around a horizontal axis, centrally positioned between the vertical jambs of the frame. They are particularly recommended for large openings. 
Available in depths of 68mm or 78mm and in all styles. 

Vertical pivot

These are windows or French doors with sashes that open by rotating around a vertical axis, centrally positioned between the horizontal jambs of the frame. 
This style is particularly recommended for large openings and gives stylish emphasis to environments and panoramas, while lending itself to many applications and being able to support heavy loads. 
Available in depths of 68mm and 78mm.

Double-hung window

The contemporary response to latch windows (or guillotines). 
Thanks to fittings and special spring balances, the lower sash shifts inwards and slides vertically to overlap the upper sash when opened. Upon closing, it returns to its position, perfectly in line with the fixed sash to ensure a perfect seal. It is the ideal solution for those with limited space who don’t want to renounce the performance and security guaranteed by an industrially produced modern window. 
Available in depths of 58mm, 68mm and 78mm

Tilt and slide window

The tilt and slide system combines aesthetics and high tech thanks to its tilting sash and the ease with which it slides into the desired position without force. 
Special security components ensure a closure proven to resist burglary. 
Just like a casement window, it provides optimal performance in thermal, acoustic, draft, water and wind proofing. 
It is now also available with floor level frames in aluminum. 
Available in depths of 58mm, 68mm and 78mm.