Six thicknesses guarantee high performance in terms of soundproofing and insulation in varying applications for Class A certified or passive house projects. All products are certified with CE markings and have passed the toughest tests of resistance to air, water and wind. 

According to the EN 12207 classification of air permeability, on a scale of 1 (lowest value) to 4 (highest value),  windows achieved a CLASS 4 rating, the maximum value of impermeability, resisting air pressure of up to 1200 pascals. 

According to the EN 12208 classification of water tightness, on a scale of 1A (lowest value) to 9A (highest value),  windows achieved a CLASS E750rating, an above-average result. When a window surpasses Class 9°, the test result is based on the experimental level E750.  windows keep homes dry, even in the harshest climatic conditions. 

According to the EN 12210 classification of resistance to wind load, on a scale of 1 to 5, in which the higher the number, the greater the perseverance of the window,  windows achieved a CLASS C5 rating, the maximum result, resisting a wind load of up to 3000 pascals. 

Acoustic transmission can cause problems in terms of sound regulation, intimacy and privacy. 
The soundproofing of a window refers to its ability to protect from noise at given frequencies. Our products not only meet all the norms on transmission loss, but surpass the required levels to reach the highest possible Rw (Weighted Sound Reduction Index) rating. 
With a thickness of .68 the Rw soundproofing level can reach up to 43 dB.

Our products are characterized by the highest performance in energy savings in their field, thanks to standard add-on features that include: 
- 3 TPE closed cell seals with a thickness of .68
- low transmission Planitherm One panes that provide energy saving performance all year round, reducing heat loss in winter and protecting from heat in summer 
- Super Spacer for exceptional thermal performance compared to traditional warm edge metal spacers.
The solar reduction value (G), which translates into savings in air conditioning costs in summer is up to 45%. 
The Uw value refers to the reduction of heat loss over the complete window (frame/sash/pane).
With a thickness of .68, with Planitherm One 4 + 15 Argon + 4 glazing, the Uw value can reach up to 1.2 W/m²K.

Thickness .68
Available on the TL-All Wood, GA-Aluminum Drip and LA-Aluminum Wood models.


Thickness .68 Plus 
Available on the LA Plus model, for the highest possible energy savings, reduced heating costs and creating a more comfortable environment. 

Thickness .78
Available on the TL-All Wood, GA-Aluminum Drip and LA-Aluminum Wood models.


Thickness .78 Flat 
Available on the TL Flat, LA Flat and LV Flat models.

Thickness .98
Available on the TL-All Wood model.