With a wide variety of glass options from industry leaders like Saint Gobain, Guardian Glass, and more, we have one of the largest offerings in the industry.  From ornamental glass, laminated glass, Low-E / Sun Protection Glass, Bird Glass and other specialty coated glazing systems we provide a high end certified glazing system that will meet the most demanding specifications for your project.

Two types of glass protect people from the risk of injury. The choice should be made according to their prescribed use. Tempered safety glass undergoes a thermal treatment to increase its strength. It is altogether five times stronger than normal glass. Laminated safety glass is composed of two glass layers held together by one or more interlayers of plastic (PVB). In the event of accidental blows, the plastic interlayer keeps the glass together: the glass breaks into fragments that remain attached to the plastic film. PB Finestre uses accident proof glass as a standard feature on all its glass doors, with two panes of 3mm glass and a 1mm PVB film (33.1)

Against intrusions

These windowpanes help to reinforce the security of your belongings by delaying and often preventing intrusion.

Laminated safety glass stays in place even when broken, as the glass fragments remain bonded.

For energy savings

Insulated glass reduces your heating bills by avoiding heat loss, thus reducing your energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Low emission glass is a standard feature on all PB windows.

Noise reduction

Sound insulating glass reduces noise and polluting sounds.

It is composed of a pane of plain glass and a laminated pane formed from two layers of glass held together by a plastic (PVB) interlayer. 

For an aesthetic touch

Clear, opaque, glazed or reflective decorative glass allows you to furnish interiors to match your tastes, thanks to a wide selection of transparent, translucent and opaque glass panes.