Accessories can add beauty and elegance to any living space by tastefully enhancing and enriching your windows. A distinctive style for your environment and additional protection for your home.

Meeting the needs of every room

Not all windows are exposed to an equal risk of intrusion: the preferred entrances for burglars are ground floor windows and doors. 
In over 70% of burglar intrusions that occur via windows, hinges are removed from frames or hardware.
Eurostar offers the right security solution given that burglars generally stop trying to enter if they don’t succeed in a matter of minutes. 
Eurostar always guarantees ample basic protection but upon request can also reach a further two levels of resistance defined by EU standards;
• Resistance class 1 (WK1): basic protection against the use of human strength, for example kicking and shouldering. 
• Resistance class 2 (WK2): protection against thieves using common objects such as screwdrivers, pincers and wedges.


Security devices

Eurostar skillfully meets security requirements: even their basic hardware is very effective, thanks to mushroom head security latches as well as security plates for better protection against burglary. 
Additional elements can be incorporated upon request, including key operated handles that block to prevent the unwanted opening of the window, as well as KISI anti-burglary devices that protect against tampering with the hardware from the outside while also protecting children through a double action opening mechanism.

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Smooth or beveled internal shutters obtain total darkness and are available upon request. 



Muntin bars

For a more classic and traditional style, we can build muntins into all our window models upon request. 
We offer a choice between simulated divided lites on undivided panes and true divided lites that separate individual panes. 
Due to the special manufacturing of its glazing bead, the “Ottocento” style is only available with true divided lites. 


Rolling screens can be incorporated for further convenience, with a wide range of custom-made solutions to suit varying installation requirements. 
Thanks to a patented built-in system, the screen can be replaced without dismantling the window casing. 


As an alternative to the standard handles that come with our windows and doors, you can also select custom hardware from our Hardware partners that features an array of both modern amd traditional designs.  Better yet, if you need something completely unique, we can have the hardware custom made to your design and aesthetics with custom cast or hand forged materials in virtually any type of metal.


All Eurostar shutters can be created with a monoblock frame systems, with integrated rolling screens, for optimal functionality and an undeniable aesthetic quality. 
As its name suggests, the monoblock system is a single unit that integrates windows and shutters (possibly with a mesh screen) in which the shutter hinge is screwed to the wooden frame and not to the wall.