The Schüco AWS 70.HI PASK window is the optimal combination of sliding doors with tilt and turn windows. The undoubted advantage of the system is the comfort of use and use in everyday life.

  • The system is characterized by high thermal insulation and exceptional tightness at the level
  • Thanks to the ball rolling the leaf is mounted even in the case of very large glazing
  • Exceptional water resistance in class 7A / 9A
  • The maximum weight of the sash is 200 kg
  • Resistance to burglary up to RC2 class

For a long time aluminum windows have been growing in popularity, which is characterized by high durability, stability and thermal insulation. These modern profiles are a guarantee of energy efficiency and provide a wide range of construction activities. Aluminum joinery stands out due to its extraordinary lightness, durability and resistance to corrosion. Aesthetic values ​​and ease of maintenance make it attract architects and investors. In addition, the myth disappears into oblivion, that aluminum windows are cold and are suitable only for modern interiors, with almost even laboratory decorations. Thanks to various opening methods, the AWS 90 SI + window provides the highest comfort of use. In turn, a wide range of profiles offers a wide range of options for shaping the appearance of windows. What else is important? Aluminum is a material susceptible to forming, it is possible to create windows even in the most elaborate shapes. Both narrow profiles and large frames can be created in this technology. Aluminum windows are also easy to care for. Aluminum does not electrify and attract dust, it is also an ecological material, giving the possibility of recovery and reprocessing

Schüco AWS 90.SI + aluminum window  (Super Insulation +) is the first aluminum window system that meets the requirements of passive construction. Aluminum additionally provides versatile possibilities to shape the appearance of windows and durability of the structure, which allows you to look ahead without fear.

  • Maximum thermal insulation at a depth of 90 mm: heat transfer coefficient for the Uw window from 0.72 W / m²K
  • The highest operating comfort due to various opening methods
  • A wide range of profiles provides wide possibilities for shaping the appearance of windows
  • The thermal permeability coefficient for a window with dimensions of 1230 * 1480mm with glazing package of ug = 0.5 is Uw = 0.82 W / m2K
  • Shuco beautiful view
  • shuco AWS

More and more people appreciate the advantages of aluminum window and door joinery. The fears about unheated rooms and the "cold" window appearance have gone down in history. Currently, thermal insulation parameters of aluminum windows allow to meet rigorous energy criteria and save on energy or gas bills. The advantages of the Schüco AWS 70.HI (High Insulation) aluminum window system make these windows ideal for both new homes and renovations. In the Schüco AWS 70.HI energy-saving windows, all the advantages of aluminum have been used: durability, stability and durability, small profile widths of the profiles and various possibilities of shaping the appearance of the surface - also in non-standard large format windows.

  • High thermal insulation: Uw heat transfer coefficient is from 0.84 W / m²K
  • Very good stability thanks to a depth of 70 mm
  • The highest comfort of use due to various opening methods: for inside, outside and hajo tilt & turn windows
  • Innovative external appearance thanks to the smallest visible width of profiles (51mm)
  • Optimally lit rooms thanks to the SunEnergy + glazing package, which guarantees perfect light for work, study, play and leisure.
  • Possibility to install solutions that meet the burglar resistance criteria in the RC2 class
  • Increased safety of playing children thanks to the AWI Kids system, allowing only the window to be tilted and blocking its total opening.
  • A unique and unique design thanks to the rich color palette RAL
  • Extraordinary ease of keeping clean
  • The possibility of installing blinds and mosquito nets available in Awilux Poland

Highest quality and many different advantages:

No other element of the building façade draws as much attention as the window. Since several dozen years, the name Schüco is associated with technologically mature and well tested window systems, joining high variety in the slection of materials, aesthetics and broad scope of application. High stability 
and energy efficiency, perfect noise protection, increased property value, vast possibilities of shaping window appearance, narrow window frames, comfort of use minimum required maintenance and long life. Aluminum windows by Schüco permanently improve property value.

Aluminum windows at a glance:

  • Innovative
  • Systemic safety and assurance
  • Great variety of components and ways of opening
  • Rich palette of available colors
  • Burglar proof
  • Effective acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Easy to clean
  • Intuitive real-time operation, owing to new solutions compatible with the first mechatronic tilt&turn fitting.


The Genesis 75 system available in the Awilux offer is a three-chamber window system designed for the construction of windows with increased thermal insulation. The Genesis system, meeting stringent requirements that will come into force in 2021, is already ideally suited to energy-saving and passive houses.   

installation depth 75 mm,

a three-chamber window system designed for the construction of windows with increased thermal insulation, both in public utility buildings, as well as in single- or multi-family buildings

modern insulating materials were used, which are now a novelty on the market. In addition to the classic window gasket, an additional thermal gasket was designed. Thanks to this solution, very high tightness of windows (air infiltration, water tightness) and innovative look and aesthetics were obtained

the Genesis 75 window system establishes a new standard of window insulation, while maintaining the highest ergonomics of use and modern profile aesthetics,

wide range of colors according to RAL palette, wood-like colors, anode. 

UW = 0.9 W / M2K *

Window joinery in aluminum technology is a solution that is used by more and more investors. Myths about its "coolness" and low thermal insulation parameters have long been refuted by producers offering more and more modern, warmer and aesthetic solutions. The Aliplast STAR system certainly belongs to them. It is a modern, three-chamber window and door system with very good thermal parameters, meeting the requirements of passive construction. The system is a combination of optimal stability, high level of thermal and acoustic insulation and elegance,

  • three-chamber system, ideal for tilt-and-turn, tilt and turn windows,  
     has a very good thermal insulation coefficient: Uf in the range from 0.6-1.23 W / m2K.
  • exhibits exceptional stability thanks to a 90 mm frame depth and a 99 mm sash
  • the window built on the STAR 90 system has an innovative rainwater drainage system.
  • All elements blanking the drainage holes are invisible, which also affects the flawless design and harmonious appearance of the window. 
  • SunEnergy + glass perfectly illuminates the room positively affecting the health and well-being of the household members
  • hidden hinges allow the installation of a wing weighing up to 150 kg
  • for optimal security, the window is equipped with 4 anti-pry hooks
  • the system of 8-point locking bolts additionally protects the inhabitants and gives the possibility of independent adjustment of the wing's downforce
  • warm inter-glass morning (available in many colors) raises both insulating and aesthetic window qualities and prevents the glass from falling
  • for the absolute safety of the youngest, we offer the AWI-Kids package that locks the opening and only allows the opening of the window.
  • ergonomic and aesthetic handles underline the modern design of the window, which fits in with current trends. 
  • window available in a rich RAL color palette
  • coefficient of thermal permeability of the window Uw = 0.8 Wm2K (parameter for a window with dimensions of 1230 * 1450mm)

The ECONOLINE system is a system without thermal insulation, designed to construct internal partitions, both fixed and with windows and doors. The width of the profiles 51 mm (by 6 mm more than the standard widespread on the market) gives a lot of freedom for designers and comfort for contractors. The system allows the use of glazing sets from 3 mm to 38 mm thick. Glass panes are fixed and sealed in sash notches using glazing beads made of aluminum profiles and gaskets. The Econoline system is compatible with other Aliplast systems. 


  • Doors and segments of partition walls intended for general use in public and industrial buildings (in offices)
  • It is possible to integrate ECONOLINE doors into partition walls made of ECONOLINE segments or into other walls of any construction, in accordance with the technical design of the building
  • The possibility of constructing sliding doors, swinging doors, connecting walls at any angle, and strengthening already made and even mounted elements.


This is a three-chamber system designed for the construction of external doors, windows and various types of sites. The thermal break applied in the profiles, up to 24 mm wide, made of polyamide enriched with the addition of fiberglass, significantly improves the mechanical strength of the outer and inner chambers of the profiles. The thermal break is additionally equipped with a Coex sealing line, which during the firing process of the powder-coated profiles creates a reliable vapor barrier and perfect sealing. The IMPERIAL door profiles have a heat transfer coefficient UR = 2.2 ÷ 2.3 W / m2K, which classifies them in the material group 2.1 according to DIN 4108. Thanks to the parameters: a large width of 65 mm profiles (window and door frames, posts, door leaves) and 74 mm (window sashes) and a wall thickness of 1.7 ÷ 2.0 mm, rigid,



  • Sites glazed with composite glazing and single glass
  • Tilt & turn, tilt, tilt, tilt and slide windows
  • The door opens outwards, inwards, single and double, with transoms
  • Swing and sliding doors - pivot windows with vertical and horizontal axis of rotation
  • Aliplast Imperial IP
  • Aluminum windows made by awilux

System with increased thermal insulation. Thanks to three-chamber thermal breaks, chamber central gasket and special glazing gaskets, the system achieves UR <2.0 W / m2K (material group 1.0 according to DIN 4108). The depth of window frames and profiles for fixed buildings is 75 mm. Depth of window wings 84 mm. The Superial system is based on accessories (corners, T-connectors) as well as glazing beads and fittings from other thermally insulated systems. The system achieves very good acoustic properties. The possibility of using fillings with thicknesses of 14-61 mm. 


  • All kinds of windows and external sites
  • Tilt & turn, tilt, tilt, tilt and slide windows
  • The door opens inwards based on a modified window sash