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The ASS 70 FD system is an aluminum folding-sliding door that fills the interior of the house with light and provides a beautiful view. They give the building's architecture an individual character. They enable the best use of usable space, shaping spacious interiors with a higher standard. They are distinguished by smoothness and ease of use. They are an ideal and universal solution used in housing construction. The warm folding-sliding doors allow almost complete opening of the glazed partition.

The individual elements of the door fold in a narrow and compact way into narrow packages that do not take up too much space. The door leaves can be opened in a simple and light way inside or outside and moved to the right and / or to the left. Aluminum folding and sliding doors ASS 70FD is a great way to enlarge the interior and connect it with the surroundings.

  • Stable, heat-insulated aluminum profiles
  • The possibility of additional protection against noise
  • The wings are folded to one side without taking up space and creating a beautiful, unobstructed view of the surrounding area.
  • Possibility to use different color profiles from the inside and outside


Modern, aesthetic and child-friendly in use - in short, you can describe the ASS 70HI sliding system. The possibility of individual selection of the variant of opening the wings and personalized colors in combination with the highest standard of execution is a way to create glazing that will open our house outside.

Aluminum lift and slide doors, apart from high thermal insulation, are distinguished by excellent water tightness, sound insulation and a high level of security, ensuring burglary resistance up to and including class RC2 / (WK2). The ASS 70.HI system is almost silent and child's easy to use and provides excellent access to balconies, terraces and winter gardens. All sliding elements move in parallel - without opening typical for ordinary door wings, which disrupt and occupy free space. Thanks to this, the room becomes more spacious and the unused space remains at the residents' disposal.

  • Aluminum profiles with high thermal insulation and high stability
  • Sliding system ideal for large glazing
  • It is characterized by ease of use and comfortable use in everyday life
  • The possibility of using an automatic e-slide drive: completely hidden in the profile. Thanks to this system, a wing weighing up to 250 kg moves silently and silently.
  • The Schüco ASS 70 HI lift and slide door is ideal for tall rooms, as it can reach a height of up to 3000mm
  • Sliding door systems use the extremely bright and translucent SunEnergy + glass , which allow for maximum illumination of rooms thanks to the high solar radiation transmittance.
  • Possibility to use different color profiles from the inside and outside
  • Its water tightness and perfect quietness of the rooms are undoubted advantages, which, combined with the almost silent operation of the system, determine the total satisfaction of users.
  • After opening the sash, it does not take up space inside the house, as in the case of traditional balcony doors.
Shuco Lift and Slide Door
Shuco Lift and Slide Door

Silent, easy to use and energy efficient.

Sliding and folding aluminum doors fill the house interior with light and look great, adding unique character to the building. They allow for making the best use of the usable space, shaping spacious interiors in elevated standard. All sliding and folding doors feature smooth motion and ease of use. They are the perfect, universal solution used in the housing construction

Sliding systems at a glance:

  • Rich color palette
  • Low weight with high stability
  • Varied shapes and designs
  • Minimal requirements for usable space
  • Low force required for opening and closing
  • Optimum thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Compatible with other solutions by Schüco
  • WK2 class burglar proofing (depending on system)