Alu Clad Wood

The combination of wood with aluminum is increasingly used in modern construction. This results in a combination of the best features of both materials such as the comfort of a wooden window from the inside and above-average resistance to weather conditions due to the aluminum cladding from the outside. The use of aluminum in a wooden window makes them much easier to clean and maintain than pure wooden windows and the shape of the profiles can be matched to the character of the building. There is also a wide selection of color options when using windows with aluminum cladding. 

Our partnership with Aluron allows us to consistently offer customers the latest in window and door systems. Based in Poland, Aluron has been setting trends in the joinery market for years. Their innovative solutions and technologies in the industry as well as their comprehensive aluminum systems allow for a number of options when it comes to material, aesthetics, functionality, and construction solutions. All products are tested according to the latest regulations and standards issued by both domestic and foreign certification entities. 

Our alu-clad wood products include:


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