Alu-PVC Products

Design your home or building with aesthetic, functionality, durability, and energy efficiency in mind. Windows, doors, shutters, and other products made with aluminum and PVC are popular, durable, and allow for a high level of flexibility and creativity when it comes to aesthetics and customization of features. 

PVC products are extremely durable and do not corrode, making them easy to maintain. Their light weight also allows for larger glazing when compared to aluminum or wooden windows. Aluminum windows are popular for modern designs, as the aluminum profiles are narrower than PVC ones and can allow more light into the interior of the building. Regardless of your design, there is a model and material type perfect for the look and character you want for your building. 

Shutters, entrance doors, accessories, and innovative solutions are other products that can enhance the overall design and safety of your home or building.

Our aluminum, PVC, and alu-clad products include:


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