Entrance Doors - PVC

LivIng doors can be used in new buildings and in the renovation or renovation of existing buildings. A comprehensive program of additional accessories ensures high system security. 

  • Excellent thermal properties thanks to the door threshold with thermal insulation spacer
  • It is possible to use fittings that are generally available in commerce
  • Corrosion-free, low door threshold made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic or aluminum, in accordance with DIN 18025
  • The basic installation depth of 82 mm
  • The narrow appearance of the profiles
  • Increased profile depth to increase security and burglary protection
  • Wing geometry in a non-flush version
  • 5 chamber profile system with optimal thermal insulation parameters
  • Triple sealing system for optimum protection against wind, water and sound damping
  • Elegant visual effect: light gray gaskets in white profiles
  • Design with a soft edge profile that meets the highest aesthetic requirements
  • Invisible drainage gaps
Moderna Door
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  • The basic installation depth is 70mm
  • 3-chamber profile system for optimal insulation
  • Collarless, low threshold combi-type with dignified DIN 18025, to choose: plastic, fiberglass-reinforced or aluminum
  • Decorative panel with GFK board (technology used in the construction of yachts)
  • 3-point bolt for improved safety and better adhesion of the sash to the reveal
  • It is possible to use a filling with a coefficient of u = 0.5
  • 3 hinges increasing the level of security and ensuring trouble-free use of the door
  • Hidden dehydration
  • A wide range of colors
  • Elimination of the risk of a "cold area" in the floor area on the inside of the door.
  • The innovative sealing system guarantees maximum wind and rain resistance as well as optimum sound insulation.
Bauhaus Door
Moderna Door
Expressia Door
Electa Door
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