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The ECONOLINE system is a system without thermal insulation, designed to construct internal partitions, both fixed and with windows and doors. The width of the profiles 51 mm (by 6 mm more than the standard widespread on the market) gives a lot of freedom for designers and comfort for contractors. The system allows the use of glazing sets from 3 mm to 38 mm thick. Glass panes are fixed and sealed in sash notches using glazing beads made of aluminum profiles and gaskets. The Econoline system is compatible with other Aliplast systems.


  • doors and segments of partition walls intended for general use in public and industrial buildings (in offices)
  • it is possible to integrate ECONOLINE doors into partition walls made of ECONOLINE segments or other walls, of any construction, in accordance with the technical design of the building
  • the possibility of constructing sliding doors, swinging doors, joining walls at any angle, and strengthening already made and even mounted elements.


Thermally insulated system, Econoline (EL)
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This is a three-chamber system designed for the construction of external doors, windows and various types of sites. The thermal break applied in the profiles, up to 24 mm wide, made of polyamide enriched with the addition of fiberglass, significantly improves the mechanical strength of the outer and inner chambers of the profiles. The thermal break is additionally equipped with a Coex sealing line, which during the firing process of the powder-coated profiles creates a reliable vapor barrier and perfect sealing. The IMPERIAL door profiles have a heat transfer coefficient UR = 2.2 ÷ 2.3 W / m2K, which classifies them in the material group 2.1 according to DIN 4108. Thanks to the parameters: a large width of 65 mm profiles (window and door frames, posts, door leaves) and 74 mm (window sashes) and a wall thickness of 1.7 ÷ 2.0 mm, rigid,


  • Sites glazed with composite glazing and single glass
  • Tilt & turn, tilt, tilt, tilt and slide windows
  • The door opens outwards, inwards, single and double, with transoms
  • Swing and sliding doors
  • Rotary windows with vertical and horizontal axis of rotation


Imperial door profile Imperial (IP)
Imperial(IP) door entrance
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System with increased thermal insulation. Thanks to three-chamber thermal breaks, chamber central gasket and special glazing gaskets, the system achieves UR <2.0 W / m2K (material group 1.0 according to DIN 4108). The depth of window frames and profiles for fixed buildings is 75 mm. Depth of window wings 84 mm. The Superial system is based on accessories (corners, T-connectors) as well as glazing beads and fittings from other thermally insulated systems. The system achieves very good acoustic properties. The possibility of using fillings with thicknesses of 14-61 mm.


all kinds of windows and external sites

tilt-and-turn, tilt, tilt, tilt and slide windows

doors opening inwards based on a modified window sash


Superial (SP) Entrance Door
Superial (SP)
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