Sliding Screen

Summer months are the time when we want to fully use the sunny aura. Unfortunately, it is also a period of increased insect activity and pollination of many plants, which can be extremely onerous and can spoil even the most beautiful day and evening. The solution is the IST mosquito net, which will allow you to deal with the problem of insects in our homes.

Sliding mosquito net is a solution used on patio doors, balconies and in winter gardens. Thanks to its subtle, minimalistic form, it does not disturb the aesthetics of the façade. In addition, a wide range of skins allows you to choose the option ideally suited to the needs of users.

Custom-made mosquito net

The element that distinguishes IST mosquito nets is a wide selection of nets, from among you can choose the one that best suits the expectations and requirements of the residents. In addition to the basic anti-fiber mesh, we also offer the BetterVue version, providing almost perfect clarity with optimal protection. In turn, the pollen mesh - thanks to its construction and density - will protect the house from most plant pollen. An interesting proposal is an aluminum mesh against aluminum, which works well in homes where there is a risk of rodents chewing the material. It is a perfect solution for single-family houses, in particular located in the suburbs and in rural areas. This net will make it difficult to enter the insects and prevent the rodents from entering your home.

Easy (de) assembly

The design of the IST mosquito net allows for their easy and quick installation in every window or door opening. It is enough to attach the horizontal rails using a mounting material adapted to the ground to which we want to fix the element. It is important that the guides are placed parallel to each other. Then, the only thing that remains is to mount the frame with the anti-insect mesh in the rails - the whole is ready for use. The offer includes two types of mosquito nets - IST 1 and IST 2. The first one has Z-shaped running rails and the second one has U. The entire structure has a depth of only 15mm, so it is extremely subtle and will not disturb the aesthetics of the façade. In addition, mosquito nets type IST 1 can be mounted under Visio blinds, also available in our offer.

Disassembly is just as easy. If necessary, we can remove the frames from the mosquito netting structure with several movements. This is especially useful in the winter months. Thanks to this, we will not expose materials to extremely low temperatures and intense precipitation, which may adversely affect their lifespan.

In the summer, mosquito nets are irreplaceable protection against all kinds of insects, eliminating the problem of insects, pollen and rodents in our homes. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials in the mosquito net, you can enjoy the safety and comfort of use, as well as use the sunny summer weather without any obstacles.