Mixed Screen

Spring, summer or autumn is the time when we can enjoy warm, sunny weather and contact with nature. Aura is conducive to rest, as well as spending time outdoors. Unfortunately, the warm months also have their less pleasant side. Unwanted guests appear not only in the gardens.

A new pleated mosquito screen will help you deal with insects at home. The construction of the mosquito net is almost invisible and does not disturb the appearance of the façade. It combines insect protection with modern design and innovative construction and assembly solutions. Perfect for large windows and doors. Thanks to the pleated netting, undesirable insects will not take away the joy of warm, sunny days.

Ergonomics in tandem with aesthetics

The innovative design of the mosquito net provides full protection against insects, and at the same time is an aesthetic and discreet solution. Its construction is based on two aluminum, weather-resistant guides fastened to the facade of the building or to the door display in which the net moves. A great advantage is the low-threshold construction of mosquito nets, especially if children, older people or wheelchair users live in the house, for whom a high threshold may constitute an obstacle to free movement. The movable part of the mosquito net is equipped with a handle to facilitate opening and magnets holding it in the closed position. Depending on the individual preferences and window construction, you can opt for a pleated mosquito net sliding in or sideways, as well as a single- or double-leaf structure.

After the season, the design of the pleated mosquito net allows for quick release of the moving part in order to protect it from weather conditions. Thanks to the harmonious construction, it will take up little space, which is often a problem in the case of frame mosquito nets, the assembly and disassembly of which is sometimes onerous, especially in the case of large glazing.

The maximum dimensions of one-element mosquito net are 1900 * 2600mm, two-element 3800x2600mm.