Framed Screen



The frame mosquito net is the perfect security in the windows regardless of the function of the room, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air at any time of the day.

Due to its versatility and simplicity, it is suitable both for windows in houses and summer houses, where we spend spring weekends and part of summer holidays.

The frame mosquito net after installation is an integral part of the window and does not disturb the aesthetics of the building. The density of the protective mesh with 1mm * 1mm mesh is extremely effective in preventing even small insects from entering the interior. The process of assembly and disassembly after the season is extremely simple, it allows you to remove and store the mosquito net uncomplicated until the next spring.

The offer includes two types of mosquito nets on an extruded aluminum profile with an external and internal corner.

Mosquito nets are available in the RAL palette to integrate as much as possible with the building and provide an aesthetic element.