Regardless of the type of blinds and their location, it is worth to motorize them, which guarantees comfort of use and ease of use. A few additional reasons that will help you make your decision are: 

  • Detection of obstacles : the roller shutter stops when it encounters an obstacle, thus protecting the roller blind and the drive from damage
  • Frost protection : the blind automatically stops if the slats are blocked by ice
  • Automatic settings (ILMO) : the settings allow the blind to open and close completely every time.
  • Discouragement of burglars :  blinds can not be lifted from the outside, due to the matched locks.


Thanks to their simplicity of use and advanced technology, the drives will increase the quality and comfort of everyday use of an apartment or house. Blinds will automatically raise or lower at the touch of a button or at a pre-programmed time. All at once or each separately, entire floor or elevation, in any configuration.  

The blinds can be controlled using the remote control from anywhere in the house, for example from a bed or sitting at the table. Difficult and time-consuming closing or manual opening is a thing of the past. If the blinds are already installed, then their motorization will not cause any difficulties. Modern radio technology, without much effort and resources, will put comfort into your four walls.


The greater the facade glazing, the brighter and nicer the rooms are. Unfortunately, it also means higher heat losses in the autumn and winter season. The robust roller blind is an excellent thermal insulation. An air cushion is created between the lowered roller blind and the window, which perfectly protects the room against heat loss. Leaving the blinds at the right moment can sum up even 12% savings on heating costs. On the other hand, when the weather is good, the blinds should be raised so that the sun's rays warm up the room. The set of weather sensors and the Somfy time switch enable the implementation of the most optimal roller shutter lifting and lowering scenario.  

Depending on the weather and set times of the operation, the blinds will implement the previously programmed scenario, even when you are not at home. In turn, in the spring and summer season, the use of blinds protects us from excessive heating of the room during the day and cooling down at night.


Automated blinds protect your property from the burglar. The "security" function simulates the presence of household members and thus repels potential intruders. In addition, the use of a reinforced structure (so-called Wieszaków) makes it impossible to raise the blind by unauthorized persons.