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The facade shutter combines high quality, excellent insulation parameters and modern design. It allows you to adjust the amount of light entering the interior, which is not always allowed by external and internal blinds. It is a technologically advanced alternative for them, being a very functional and elegant solution for residential buildings and public buildings. 

Sunlight under control
The facade blind is a solution that allows you to freely control the amount of light entering the interior. Changing the angle of inclination of the slats allows us to control its intensity in the room. We offer two types of facade blinds: C and Z in two widths of slats: 80mm and 90mm. The Z-facade shutter thanks to the built-in special gasket can completely darken the room, which is extremely comfortable in the bedroom from the east or south side. 

Comfortable control
There are two types of control systems to choose from - manual or electric. The blind can be connected to the Tahoma intelligent building management system. This means that you can freely control the shutter even when you are not at home, using a smartphone or tablet for this purpose. The properly uploaded scenario also causes spontaneous lowering of the blind, if the intensity of light exceeds a certain level - it is an extremely useful solution at home and in a company building, where large glazing and incoming sunlight can cause discomfort to employees. In emergency situations, for example, during unpredictable weather or windstorm, you can also control the blind remotely, which ensures higher safety. 

Modern design
Windows, and with the blinds and external blinds are a very visible element of the facade and well-chosen can become a dominant feature for the building, capturing and giving the entire investment a character. Facade blinds are perfect for modern single-family houses, flats, and multi-family buildings. Their elegant structure in contrast with the uniform surface of the wall attracts attention, creating a distinctive combination. Type C is universal, and due to the neutral shape of the slat works in residential and office buildings. In turn, the tilting slat in Z-type blinds is more dynamic in character thanks to geometric breaks. Both series come in five different colors: from white, through various shades of gray to classic black.

Protection against external factors
Good thermal insulation reduces heat losses in a building and is one of the basic features of energy-saving construction. It translates directly into savings associated with lower heating fees. Facade blinds help us keep the heat inside the building and thus maintain the right temperature. In addition, they will protect our windows against external factors. In turn, on warm days, the blind will not allow excessive heating of the room, guaranteeing a pleasant atmosphere in the house.

classic lounge