Screen and Blinds

The roller blind is a multifunctional window finish. It guarantees not only greater security, but also protects against excessive sun, wind, and cold. This is not its only function, however. In modern architecture, its design is an expression of the investor's taste and allows the building to be given unique character. Choosing the type of blind depends, among other things, on what stage of building the house is in when the decision to purchase blinds is made. In our offer, you can choose blinds that meet functional needs as well as advanced aesthetic expectations.

Our range of products also include external blinds, which have the option of using automatic dusk, time, wind, and wake-up sensors as well as connection to the intelligent building management system. Controllers can measure wind power, outside and inside temperature, sun exposure, and precipitation. They allow the blind to be programmed so that you have the comfort of controlling the blinds while away from home.

Electric drives and controllers increase the comfort of use not only for buildings with a large number of blinds but also for blinds located in hard-to-reach places.  


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